Hi! I’m Matt. I love playing guitar.

I’m also a DIYer, a maker, a dude who likes working with his hands and building something new.

10 years ago, or so I built a guitar out of an old neck and an empty chips tin can. There’s a YouTube video of it out there somewhere.  A bunch of people thought it was cool and wanted one of their own. This started me on a journey.

I designed these Canjammer kits as a starting place. You can decorate the can in any way you want. You can paint it, powder coat it, put stickers on it, make it YOURS! The beautiful thing about making your own instrument is that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can even substitute the can with a tin you find somewhere.

My original Canjammer used a bolt for a bridge and two forks for a tailpiece. As cool as this was, it was next to impossible to intonate well so while it works great for slide playing, it doesn’t play in tune well up and down the neck. So, in the next version, I used a fixed bridge with adjustable saddles. Perhaps you love the look of the forks and bolt and have a better way to make this work. If so, go for it! And then share your technique with the community.

Oh yeah, the community! We have a FaceBook group dedicated to the Canjammer and more importantly, to its builders. Come join us. You can search FaceBook for Canjammer Country or just go to Canjammer.net. Share pictures, videos, ask questions, and join the community!

Finally, go to canjammer.com/register to let us know who you are! From time to time we plan to offer some cool discounts, exclusives, and who-knows what else.

So welcome to Canjammer Country! I’m glad you’re here and can’t wait to see what you do with YOUR Canjammer!